Reviews & Listings: Crossing the Line 2010


Ready Made: Design Binder: “Adventures in Urban Agriculture” by Lily Kane.

Brooklyn Bread: Farm City: A Celebration of Urban Agriculture, order cialis generic canada p. 29-30

New York Times – Dining Calendar
Huffington Post – Green:
The Record – Food News:
TimeOutNY – Own this City (Psst . . .much more graphic in print edition p. 48)

New York Magazine – Grub Street

Heritage Radio - Summary: This week on The Farm Report Heather welcomed new co-host Erin Fairbanks to the buy cialis 5 mg show. The gals talked to Derek Denckla, author of and paxil pharmacy founder of low cost cialis, a sort of combination catalyst, aggregator, and promotional tool for sustainable agriculture events. Tune in to find out how Derek’s survey of Bushwick revealed a community hungry for more food growth and less condos, and how a lagging economy and the vacant lots left in its wake put this shared dream within reach.

Farm City: Where Are You Growing? A Celebration of Urban Agriculture

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